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thank you. thank you america for make this a great made in america christmas. . >>> you have heard of downward facing dog? even if you haven't chances are your children have. we have more on the latest craze for children. yoga. >> reporter: some say yoga is the fattest growing sport in the nation with 20 million practicing regularly. the latest trend is an ever growing number are pint sized. >> there are classes for kids of all ages from baby up to teens. there are even classes forked tollers like my daughter. >> you are still going to seat foundations of yoga so there is an awareness of movement and breath. there is such a lot of being creative and a enter play between the children and children. i'm here with a group of six to 9-year-old's who are showing me a little bit about what a kid's yoga class is like. >> one leg comes up. the a. >> silllyer more playful. >> kids are stressed with social pressures and pressures in school. >> clears your mind of something that really bothers you. >> after the class is over, seems like him not to worried about my problems. . >> report
component of helping reduce these incidence across america. >> a lot of people deal with mental illness but here in maryland there are places to get help. every county has mental health services. for youngpeople, it starts in the schools with most districts helping parents get those services that are need sfwld the there is still shame and stigma associated with the mental health and it's important for people to get help. a lot of counties have crisis response services so if there is an emergency, they can get vovld right away and help resolve a situation. >> now in maryland there are core mental health providers in every county. for a complete list, go to our website abc2news.com. . >> in times like these we often wonder what we can do. theuniversity of maryland school students were all set for a holiday party today, instead they took the time to make cards if for the family members of the shooting. these people took time to talk about the issues around this tragedy. >> we need to have a bigger conversation about gun control. do we need have rlier intervention with children to get t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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